December 2021 Committed Club

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
December 2021 Committed Club

Our members had a big month in December: spring boarding off of a charitable lifting event at the end of November, they launched into the last month of 2021 with continued commitment to their health and fitness and community spirit. We ended the year with a bang, adding more members to our community, contributing funds to the Butler Health Food Institute, celebrating the holiday season with the Wod'N Brunch, and even working out on the Eve holidays together. A community that sweats together, stays together - and CFR takes that very seriously! :)
Congratulations to the twenty members who checked in for 17+ classes, and continued to build on a new launch pad for the year 2022!!

Elizabeth H.28Tim M.25Missy J.25Lori H.23Jim H.23Kim P.23Chad D.23Ashley D.23Nikki Z.22Marcie H.21Sherry A.21Patty Mc.20Ted Z.20Matthew Mc.19Carolyn S.19Adrian C.19Ella P.19Kara P.19Brittney L.18Tricia Mc.17

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