April Committed Club

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
April Committed Club

Month after month our members continue to show dedication and perseverance in their training, health and fitness. 22 members made the Committed Club in April, checking in 17+ times - and many put in additional time prepping for races, hiking outdoors, helping friends move and putting their fitness to good use! Congratulations guys!

Sherry A.26Missy J.23Nikki Z.22Lori H.22Jim H.22Kara P.22Chad D.21Patty M.20Carolyn S.20Elizabeth H.20Brittney L.20Ted Z.20Mauren M.20Ashley D.20Angela S.20Will M.19Matt Mc.18Kim P.18Tricia B.20Tricia M.17John D.17Ella P.17

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