August Committed Club

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
August Committed Club

Recreate members are rolling into the fall with gusto! The Committed Club numbers continue stay on point. We are entering the new school year with health and wellness high on the agenda! Congratulations to all!

I love this quote 'Change is Inevitable growth is optional' the method is simple but i like the cvontext it gives an almost meaningful and differetn take on growth and evolution Empowering Quotes

Lori H.27Jim H.25Elizabeth H.25Ella P.24Will M.23Nikki Z.22Kim P.21Sherry A.21Stephanie S.20Tricia B.20Brittney L.20Missy J.20Ted Z.19Woody W.19Phillip M.19Cindy C.18Carolyn S.18Abigail H.18Trevor G.18Lisa S.18Angela S.18Arthur S.18Patty M.17John D.17Molly V.17Kara P.17

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