July Committed Club

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
July Committed Club

The summer has been heating up, and so have our members! July brought new members to our gym and new names on the committed club list! We are proud of the progress and commitment our members have shown to their health and fitness this month! Congratulations to the 22 members who made the Committed Club list by checkin in for 17+ classes!

Missy J.27Jim H.24Kara P.24Ella P.23Nikki Z.22Lori H.22Kim P.21Brittney L.21Marcie H.21Carolyn S.20Woody W.20Carolyn W.19Matt. Mc.18Ainsley P.18Chad D.18Angela S.18Chris G.18Tim Mc.17Patty Mc.17Will M.17Alicia H.17Ashley D.17

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