Athlete Spotlight: November

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
Athlete Spotlight: November

Each month we highlight a different CFR member using our “Athlete Spotlight,” where we will ask a series of “get to know you” questions. This will help introduce you to the members of our community that you have yet to meet, OR If you have met them, teach you a little more about them! You might just find out something new or something you have in common! 

November’s “Athlete Spotlight” came on our radar as of late, as he is showing consistency and a noticeably increased skill set and strength. We would like to introduce you to…

Chris Platt

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, etc):

I currently work at MSA, The Safety Company as the Sr. Global IT Infrastructure Manager; rough translation, I work on ensuring all IT infrastructure and collaboration is working.  I grew up in the Butler area, went to college at Ohio University.  After graduation I lived in Chicago a few years, before eventually moving back to western PA, where I met my beautiful, super fit wife Kim.  We have been married over 15 years and have two wonderful children, Connor (12) and Emily (8).  We also welcomed our aussie-doodle Lily to the family in 2020.  

What made you decide to try CrossFit?

I grew up swimming all my life so I enjoyed working out, but after college my workouts got fewer and far between. After my wife tried it, she encouraged me to give it a go. She was having fun and I knew a little exercise wouldn't hurt! I tried not to come into it with any preconceived notions about CrossFit. Although my first workout I was partnered with Coach Alicia who showed no mercy on me, I really enjoyed it and was hooked.

What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit Recreate?

Sure the health benefits of CrossFit are obvious, but it really is about the friendships I have made.  The CFR crew is like a second family.  No matter how bad your day is, going to CFR allows you to put that aside and have some fun and get fit at the same time.  

How many classes do you attend a week, on average? What is your favorite class time?

I try to come at least 4 days a week and my go to time is now 5:15 PM.  I do try to go to a Saturday class when I can, because those are usually partner workouts and I enjoy those, mainly because I get some rest.  

Like many, post quarantine life has found you attending more CrossFit this year (vs 6:30pm ReBoot classes before)- what has been your biggest take away from consistent CF classes?

I used to be a regular "ReBooter", and I was good with that, but working from home allowed me to be able to attend the CrossFit class. I think the biggest difference is the strength training and most of the workouts are individual, so there was no hiding any weaknesses! I loved ReBoot working with Steve, Kyle, Alex, Eliza, Elizabeth, and so many more, but it was time to work on strength a little more.

What is your favorite WOD/movement and your least favorite WOD/movement?

Favorite - Row, T2B, HSPU, laying for dead after the WOD...Least favorite, there are so many to list, but I would have to say thrusters...They are just pure evil and destroy my will to live when I see them programmed. However, if you ask anyone who regularly attends class with me, they would probably tell you that I dislike every movement based on my reactions and comments.

Any advice for “newbies” & those looking to try CrossFit?

There is some bad connotation associated with CrossFit and I am not sure why, at least as it relates to CFR. The best part is that they can adapt the workout to meet your needs. No one there is going to force you to do a movement that you are uncomfortable with. Sure, you can get hurt if you don't listen to your body and coaches, but that is what make Ryan and Alicia great, they look out for everyone, whether you are looking to be a competitive athlete or like me, just looking to shed a few pounds. The best thing to do is come and try it. They offer different classes that can accommodate every single ability. The coaches are there to help you out and will make recommendations and help you be comfortable!

Proudest CrossFit accomplishment(s) so far?

Honestly, it is being able to do some of the movements Rx and keep up with some of the fittest men and women I know is pretty good for me.  I just try to keep up with teenagers.  Plus, just making new friends with similar interests has been really rewarding.  

How do you handle living in the shadow of your jacked wife, Kim, at CrossFit Recreate?

I have lived in Kim's shadow well before she started CrossFit, so I am comfortable with it. It is fun working out with her, because she yells at me, just like at home!

We’d like to thank Chris for taking the time to answer our questions and being a committed member of the CrossFit Recreate community! We can always count on him to add some humor to class and lighten the mood. He dishes it as well as he takes it ....the last question above was a fun jest at him ;) He is always one of the first people to volunteer to help out with improvement projects at gym or to show up for gym parties with his family in tow. Like he said above, CFR isn't just a gym, but more like a second family.

Eager to learn more about our awesome members? Be on the lookout for next month’s Athlete Spotlight!

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