Athlete Spotlight: July 2021

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June 23, 2022
Athlete Spotlight: July 2021

Each month we highlight a different CFR member using our “Athlete Spotlight,” where we will ask a series of “get to know you” questions. This will help introduce you to the members of our community that you have yet to meet, OR If you have met them, teach you a little more about them! You might just find out something new or something you have in common! 

July's “Athlete Spotlight” is Nikki! Nikki is our very first member to make the 1000 WOD CLUB! Nikki has been the definition of consistency for the past 4 years, as she is one of our "Founding Members" who has been with us since day one. She is a staple at the 5am class and a force to be reckoned with. You'll find her rockin' the leader board in SugarWOD, putting up some amazing weights and times. Nikki just turned 50, but she's in the best shape of her life. Age is only a number- you control your lifestyle, your mindset, and the people you surround yourself with- Nikki is a prime example of this. I've heard time and time again from ladies in their 20s and 30s that they aspire to be a badass like Nikki. Without further ado, let's hear what Nikki has to say:

Nikki Zablocki

Nikki, with husband Ted, completing her 50th birthday workout.

Tell us a little about yourself (life, family, work, etc):

"I live East of Butler and have all my life. Ted and I actually live in the house my family moved to when I was in 9th grade. I have 2 kiddos Zoe who just turned 21 last week and will be a senior at Towson University this fall, and Wesley who would've been 18 and graduated from Butler this year. We lost him to osteosarcoma when he was 11 in 2015. I have a bachelor's in management information systems and work as a Sr. Analyst for SGK/Matthews International. I've been working from home since March '20 and looks like it will be that way going forward for me. We just got a new member of our family in June - a chocolate lab pup named Rutledge! :) "

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?

"When I'm not at the gym or working I like to go camping with my family and friends, Ted and I are in a bean bag league during the summer and play once a week. I'm a self-proclaimed music buff and I like being crafty when I can fit it in."

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Recreate?

"The people and the coaches. The community at CFR is so great. Everyone is always so supportive and fun to be around. I've made some of the best friends ever at CFR. The coaches are awesome and really know their stuff! You can always expect them to know you and your level which is amazing to me. I can't keep track of my own stuff let alone know what weight 100+ members can handle for a clean & jerk!!"

What is your favorite WOD/movement and your least favorite WOD/movement?

"I love a WOD with more than 1 movement. Has to have some sort of barbell too. I like doing hang clean cycling and dubs. HSPU are a favorite too - kipping that is, the strict ones are my arch nemesis!!"

This has been a big month for you- turning 50 and hitting your 1000th Workout at CFR! How do you feel about these 2 milestones?

"It has been a big month. Each big birthday has come and gone and I don't really think about it much. 50 has been different. It's not that I hated turning 50, it's that I can't believe I am already 50!! I'm in the best shape of my life! I feel great and look forward to what's ahead. I've learned the hard way, and I know I'm not alone, that life changes in a second. It is short and we have to do what makes us happy. As far as my 1,000th WOD? WOW!! That's a lot! I'm proud of myself that I've kept it going all this time. I can't imagine my life without CrossFit. I am certainly not the best at it but I work hard and always feel good afterward."

What motivates you to be so consistent in your commitment to working out (at 5am!)?

"I really don't know that I need motivation - I just enjoy going and doing the work. Early morning has just always been the best fit for me since I started my fitness journey when my kiddos were littles. Wesley is always an inspiration to keep going as well!!"

Any advice for “newbies” & those looking to try CrossFit?

"I always say - don't be intimidated and don't get discouraged. You have to start somewhere and everything can be modified and scaled to you! The CrossFit community is a supportive one and there will always be someone there to help you out."

Proudest CrossFit accomplishment(s) so far?

"Being able to handstand walk! Again - not the greatest at it but - I can do it! At 50 years old!! I've never walked on my hands in my life!! :) "

What are your fitness goals for this year?

"I would like to get a strict HSPU even with just the 10# plate. I really just get stuck down there!!"

Any additional comments you want to share?:

"Just that I am grateful for CFR. Being a member of this gym keeps me physically in shape and mentally stable ;) I've said many times before - it's been my therapy, my happy place and I love being here!!"

We're blessed to have Nikki as a member at CFR. She is just one example of the amazing community we have around us. She's always the first to jump in and help out with events, sign up for picnics, or help us out with "IT" issues at the gym (thank goodness!). In fact Nikki has even taken on an administrative role at CFR recently, helping to keep things running smoothly for our members and prospective members behind the scenes. We're looking forward to what Nikki accomplishes with her fitness in the coming years~ Keep being a humble badass!

Eager to learn more about our awesome members? Be on the lookout for next month’s Athlete Spotlight!

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