July Committed Club

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
July Committed Club

The heat and stress of these uncertain days cannot and will not keep our members down! We have 31 members who made the Committed Club list by checking in to class 17 or more times! Awesome work, all! Your dedication and consistency is admirable and inspiring! Keep it up!

Elizabeth H.28Jim H.26Lori H.25Nikki Z.24Carolyn S.24Zoe Z.24Abigail H.24Kim P.22Missy J.22Eliza D.21Tricia B.21Ella P.21Molly V.21Marcie H.21Matt D.20Kaitlyn S.20Angela C.20Trevor G.19Will M.19Kara P.19Sherry A.19Matt M.18Abigail W.18Stephanie S.18Darcie P.18Andre B.18Steven S.18Megan C.17Brittney L.17John D.17Phillip M.17

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