Athlete Spotlight: April 2021

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June 23, 2022
Athlete Spotlight: April 2021

Each month we highlight a different CFR member using our “Athlete Spotlight,” where we will ask a series of “get to know you” questions. This will help introduce you to the members of our community that you have yet to meet, OR If you have met them, teach you a little more about them! You might just find out something new or something you have in common! 

March's “Athlete Spotlight” is Tricia M.! One of our goals at CrossFit Recreate is to enable our members to be more active outside of the gym- to go out and RECREATE! Life is about your experiences and Tricia has been venturing out lately thanks to the fitness she has established inside these 4 walls! Read below to see how CFR has impacted Tricia's life!

Tricia McGonigle

Tell us a little about yourself (background, family, work, etc):  

"I grew up in Neshannock Township, New Castle, PA where I met my husband, Brian, of 33 years while we were in high school.  We moved to Butler for my husband’s family business. We closed our business in 2015 & both started new careers.  We have three great children, Brian P. (29),  Shawn (27), & Riley (25), all Duquesne grads.  I loved watching them play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track & rowing crew throughout elementary, high school & college. I miss being in the bleachers cheering them on.  They are still into fitness: power lifting, climbing & Brian’s wife, Kelsey, participates in CrossFit.  They all share their accomplishments, but it’s not quite the same as being in the stands."

When did you join CF Recreate and what was the catalyst?

"I signed up for a CFR Foundations class in February 2019. Friends in New Castle belong to CF gyms & I’d been listening to them talk about it. They were excited about the 2019 Open, checking for updates etc.  I had tried YMCA classes, Planet Fitness, etc. over the years, lost interest.  Only consistent activity has been walking 1.5 miles day during lunch with a friend.  I wanted something exciting & fun. I snow skied this year, the first time in a decade & my daughter invited me “Bouldering”.  I went along to take pictures. She encouraged me to try it & I did! Never would’ve considered climbing anything before CFR."

 What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit Recreate?

"By far, the people. I’ve always been the quiet, stand back & watch type. The encouragement I have received from this group of athletes & coaches is amazing.  People I had never met, from day one, motivated me to do more, inspired me to try harder.  I walk in the gym now & they make me smile.  Everyone shows up, we all groan at the first run, stretch, etc, but the motivation never stops. When we walk out the door, even after a really hard work out, you hear:  “You did great! Are you coming tomorrow? What time?” It makes you want to come back, even when you are tired & sore.  Later, a text, a “fist bump” or message on SugarWod, & you sign up for the next day."

Do you prefer individual or partner workouts? CrossFit or ReBoot?

"I started out as “ReBoot” only. The barbell & the rig intimidated me. I am mobility challenged. Being a “ReBooter” I attended 3 days a week, but due to the encouragement of several awesome ladies, I started coming to CrossFit.  I have become more comfortable each week.  Mobility is still an issue, but I am working on it. (I love the Mobility Monday videos!)  Partner workouts helped me get to know people & gain the confidence I needed to attend CF classes. I tend to be more relaxed in ReBoot, I don’t overthink it as much, we laugh at ourselves, but get we get it done."

What is your favorite WOD/movement and your least favorite WOD/movement?

"I am a fan of the EMOM. “You can do anything for one minute” on repeat in my head.  I like DumbBell workouts & WallBalls. Least favorite: Snatch with the barbell & pretty much any overhead barbell movement especially with a squat."

What did you take away from participating in the CrossFit Open this year?  

"I didn’t think I had any business participating.  Coaches repeated: “Everyone is capable &  just sign up.”  Missy Jungling kept after us to sign up & managed to convince several! The build up to the Open was a unique experience, week.  The final week was full of excitement & anxiety. “Why did I sign up for this? I’m too old. I’m going to embarrass myself.” The first day of “Friday Night Lights” was, wow, the turn out, the energy, the feeling of comradery.  That feeling was not only our gym, but the CrossFit community as a whole. I received encouragement from friends who had completed the workouts in their gyms.  I had texts of “Go get it” & “Kill it” from my family.  Watching everyone give everything they had in each workout was super energizing!"

Any advice for “newbies” & those looking to try CrossFit?

"Try not to compare yourself to others in the gym, You are your only competition.  Keep track of your results, a notebook or SugarWod, it helps to know how far you have come.  Remember: almost everyone in the gym has been in your shoes at one time or another. I had ZERO skills when I started. The coaches & members alike will help you.  If you look at the WOD or Reboot on the app, don’t forget, you can scale anything!"

Proudest CrossFit accomplishment(s) so far?

"Being able to RX the Open 21.2 workout & finishing under the time cap was huge for me!  My first rope climb, something I couldn’t do in high school, really fun to accomplish 30+ years later. BarBell 100# PR’s & my first appearance in the Committed Club."

What are your fitness goals for this year?

"I’d like to figure out Double Under’s and Toes to Bar.  Somewhere along the way, get out of my head & find the courage to graduate from the 16” box jump to the 20” & handstand against the wall for  HSPU’s. #1 for this summer is to get out of the water on the slalom ski."

Any additional comments you want to share?:

"I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone & walked through the front door of CFR. I can’t say enough about the coaches & the members. Each & every one of them has something unique & special to offer.  In a very trying year, the coaches kept spirits up with online participation WODS & made it a calm & safe environment upon return.  It was stressful everywhere I went, grocery store, work, etc. - CFR kept it real & as normal as possible. I don’t think about anything else when I walk through that door (except counting to 10-12-15 reps…) I am thankful for the new friends I’ve made & grateful to be a part of the CFR family."

Tricia has really blossomed in the last year at CFR. We've enjoyed watching her come out of her shell, do more CrossFit classes, partake in the Open, and gain confidence! Her progress is shining through in her daily workouts, moving more weight, moving better, and working towards new skills. Even better than that is all of the experiences she is having outside of the gym with her kids and family- can't wait to hear how water skiing goes this summer!! Keep killing it Tricia!

Eager to learn more about our awesome members? Be on the lookout for next month’s Athlete Spotlight!

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