3 Secrets to (Cross)Fit Progress

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June 23, 2022
3 Secrets to (Cross)Fit Progress

“Geez Coach, what do you mean? Just paying my gym membership won’t get me fitter? But I’m a CrossFitter now- that’s like having superpowers, right?”Wrong! If we aren’t seeing your smiling face 3-5 times per week on a consistent basis, you’re only fooling yourself. “Oh yeah I was going to come this day, but I had a doctor appointment, this other day my cat snoozed my alarm, the other day I had to take my pet hermit crab to the vet, then there was that snow storm”…. CAN IT! We really DON’T want to hear your laundry list of excuses. The only person buying those is you! Instead of giving us excuses, try saying “It’s not a priority”- because, well, that’s the TRUTH!


“This is hard, I need to go lighter.” or ” I hate upper body work, I’m so weak.”Umm yes, it’s supposed to be hard! If it were easy do you think you’d get any results? If you always work in your comfort zone, I hope it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and accomplished… but it’s not going to get you results. Think about your overall goals, and apply accordingly to each workout. Push yourself to get better.Scale up your movement, add more weight, take away a band on your pull ups, do that extra rep when you REALLY want to put the bar down, or take that extra abmat you’ve been nursing for the last 4 months away from your handstand pushup. Struggle a little! OR If you want to build your sprint capacity, but the person next to you is doing more weight so you feel you need to match up? You don’t!—use the lighter weight and go faster- IF that is your GOAL! Sometimes you might need to be the last person to finish a workout- that doesn’t matter! It’s you vs. you. The only way you get better is by progressively challenging yourself. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.


See number 2 above. Yes, sometimes when you try harder things, you fail. Again and again and again. But you know what you also do- keep going, keep trying- again and again and AGAIN! Maybe it’ll take you 45 attempts to get 20 bar muscle ups. Or you fail 10 reps just trying to power clean the bar for 15 reps. THAT’S PART OF THE PROCESS! Your workouts aren’t supposed to all be smooth and perfect. Life is not smooth and perfect. You learn from failing. You become stronger. The expert has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.Change your mindset and change your life. Challenge yourself! Step up and stop making excuses for yourself. CrossFit Recreate is a place to grow as a person. Never tell us “you can’t.” Maybe you “never have before,” but there’s a first time for everything! The struggle to get that first is what makes it feel some damn good! Now take these “3 Secrets,” step out on a limb, and ReCreate Yourself!!

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