Ryan Haller

Ryan Haller


Sub 3:00 Fran

45 Minute Murph ***At CFR :)***

Good at all, great at few, progress always


USA Weightlifting Level-1

CrossFit Level-2

Bachelor of Science, SRU

About Coach

I played a plethora of sports in high school, but never dedicated myself to any one in particular. I found CrossFit in my mid 20's and have enjoyed the ride ever since. CrossFit has helped me grow an appreciation for the way the body is meant to move. Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to work with all levels of athletes. From collegiate to newbies, from professional to casual, all people have one thing in common- we are meant to move! Over my coaching career, I have become fascinated with how the body can grow and adapt through movement. The side effects are health and confidence that can't be created anywhere else except through exercise.

Turning Point

In my early 20's I was a high-energy adult with a focus on having fun. This leads me into trouble rather than finding any type of career or focus. My girlfriend, Alicia,(now wife) had challenged me to run a 5k with her, so I did. With some pride on my shoulders, I finished the 5k, this is what I would Identify as my turning point. Feeling sick after the 5k, I came to understand how un-fit I actually was. After this point I started doing home workouts and running consistently. A short time later Alicia asked me to go check out a local CrossFit competition with her. I was immediately intrigued. The next month we signed up for Fundamentals and never looked back. I was blessed with coaches that had a great passion for fitness, and now I look to show my passion for fitness to others in hopes that CrossFit will change their life as much as it changed mine.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching starts with those who are new to fitness, my belief is that fitness plays a part in the pursuit of wellness. I get excited for those "aha" moments when people feel great moving! There is nothing like someone in the middle of a movement, dedicating themselves to a movement, then in the middle smile and thinking, that's how I am supposed to move. We are meant to enjoy the process, and celebrate the results. Long-term wellness always trumps short-term athletics.

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