Athlete Spotlight: October

CrossFit Recreate
June 23, 2022
Athlete Spotlight: October

Each month we highlight a different CFR member using our “Athlete Spotlight,” where we will ask a series of “get to know you” questions. This will help introduce you to the members of our community that you have yet to meet, OR If you have met them, teach you a little more about them! You might just find out something new or something you have in common! 

October’s “Athlete Spotlight” has been on a hot streak since quarantine and just keeps gaining steam! We would like to introduce you to…

Molly Vallely

Tell us a little about yourself (family, job, etc):  

"I moved to Butler from State College about three years ago.  I have one older sister who lives in Dubois, which is where I grew up.  I currently work as the store manager at Kohl's, which is how I ended up in Butler!"

What made you decide to try CrossFit?

"I had been looking for ways to just become healthier and stronger, but I was completely clueless about just walking into a gym and picking up weights. Some former coworkers had tried to get me to try CrossFit before, but I thought that there was no way I would be able to do it.  Finally last year a friend of mine started going to CrossFit in another state, and she motivated me to give it a try!"

3. What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit Recreate?

"Definitely the community of people who are there every day. Ryan and Alicia and the rest of the coaching staff are helpful, motivating, and supportive, and everyone supports each other in and out of the gym.  There's great camaraderie and teamwork among people from all ages!"

You started working with Recreate Nutrition in May. What have you taken away from your nutrition coaching so far?

"Abs are made in the kitchen!  Working with Recreate Nutrition has totally changed the way I look at the food that I'm putting into my body.  I have more energy, I feel more alert, I'm healthier, and I know I'm getting the nourishment I need to work out 4-5 times a week. I've learned how to eat in a way that's healthy and sustainable."

What is your favorite WOD/movement and your least favorite WOD/movement?

"My favorite WOD is an EMOM.  I scale almost everything, and it's always a great time for me to work on a heavier weight or do a harder movement because I'll only be doing it for a minute!  My favorite movement is a deadlift.  My least favorite is a power snatch and I don't trust anybody who says anything different."

Any advice for “newbies” & those looking to try CrossFit?

"Show up!  The worst thing you can do is to not try.  We can do amazing things, and your biggest competition is yourself.  If I can do this, anybody can!"

 Proudest CrossFit accomplishment(s) so far?

"I like to look at smaller accomplishments and build on them.  Starting to do 20" box jumps in WODs was a big deal for me, and so was using a 35lb KB at ReBoot. I'm finally able to do overhead squats, and I'm actually looking forward to getting better at them!"

What are your fitness goals for this year? How do you plan to tackle them?

"I want to be better, faster, and stronger!  I also want to be able to do rope climbs, and improve in different movements.  I'm planning on tackling them by working with the coaches to target mobility and specific muscle groups that will benefit me the most!"

How do you feel now- being consistent in your workouts and nutrition- vs. before? 

"I feel like a different person than I did a year and a half ago.  When everything shut down this past spring, the best decision I made was to do the at-home workouts every day.  That consistency led to me wanting to change the way I eat.  It was the best decision I could have made.  Finally making the commitment to my overall health and fitness has changed my life!"

We’d like to thank Molly for taking the time to answer our questions and being a committed member of the CrossFit Recreate community! It's been so much fun watching you grow this year and really embrace the Recreate Mindset! Watching members learn and evolve is truly rewarding- thanks for sharing this journey with US!

Eager to learn more about our awesome members? Be on the lookout for next month’s Athlete Spotlight!

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