10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated


10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

No one can deny that water is a vital component to one’s health. Staying hydrated can be tricky for some, especially as we enter cooler months and our desire for plain old water is diminished. CrossFit Recreate’s first Healthy Habit is to consume at least 100 oz of water daily. Why does water intake make it on the list of habits to develop and maintain? 

Water makes up about two thirds of your body, with high concentrations in our muscles and in our blood.   If you don’t consume enough water, you can become dehydrated, leading to symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, and difficulty concentrating. Chronic dehydration can also disrupt normal body functions, leading to issues such as constipation and kidney stones.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, suggest healthy adults, between the age of 31 and 70, living in temperate climates, should consume the following amounts each day:

  • Men: 125 ounces of water per day from all dietary sources, including drinking water, tea, coffee, flavored waters, and food.
  • Women: 91 ounces of water per day from all dietary sources.

There is no one size fits all- so these are based on the ‘average’ person. Individual needs may vary! For our Challenge we set daily intake to 100 oz.

10 Benefits of Hydrating Your Body:

  • Calorie Control
  • Clearer skin
  • Fuels our muscles
  • Proper fluid balance (our bodies are nearly 70% water!)
  • Improves energy levels and brain power (higher water intake= less tension, depression, and confusion)
  • Enhances muscle recovery and performance 
  • Lubricates joints
  • Removes toxins 
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism (water helps you feel full and reduces snacking)
  • Regulates proper body temperature

Tips For Increasing Intake:

  • Flavoring your water with citrus or berries, mint leaves or cucumber
  • Spread your intake throughout the day- plan ahead!
  • Use a water bottle you like to drink from
  • Make it easy to track your intake- such as marking your bottle to note # of times filled, using rubber bands, etc.
  • Try hot teas

Always be sure to hydrate after working out and in the morning – your body is prone to dehydration after not taking in water for the hours you were sleeping. Though other liquids are hydrating, water is the best option and most easily utilized by the body.

Congratulations to all who are giving the Healthy Habits Challenge a go! It’s not too late to join us! Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals! Drink Up!!!

Post by Abi Williams & Alicia Haller