Teen Strength and Conditioning

Ages 13-17

Whether you are an off-season athlete, or just looking to lead a more active lifestyle- this class will benefit you!

Our goal is to help teens increase strength, speed, power, agility, and conditioning, in order to improve performance. This is accomplished with age-appropriate weigh training, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning workouts. We also aim at developing discipline and hard work that will help the athlete be successful in all areas of life. Under the eye of our certified trainers, proper weightlifting technique will be taught which will enhance strength and power, while also focusing on gymnastics (body relative movements), which will increase mobility, flexibility and agility. Ultimately we are Building Stronger Athletes! 

Whether your teens are looking for additional training to supplement their sport specific training or a stand-alone strength and conditioning program, CrossFit Recreate’s Teen Strength and Condition program is dedicated to helping them achieve their goals in a fun, judgment free environment surrounded by their peers.

Teen Strength and Conditioning is an on-going program, every Monday and Thursday at 3:15pm. Monthly membership is $80, drop ins are $20/class. Please check the “Membership Options” and “Schedule” for the most recent information!

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