What is ReBoot?

ReBoot is an unconventional fast paced class that will take you through a series of fun but challenging interval and circuit workouts. Two classes are never the same- we utilize bodyweight movements, running, rowing, kettlebells, wall balls, sand bags, tires, ropes- just to name a few- to keep you physically challenged and mentally engaged. These workouts will burn fat, increase muscle tone, improve health, and increase balance/coordination. ReBoot will not only get your heart rate up, but will leave you feeling energized.

ReBoot is suitable for any skill level, from beginner to seasoned fitness veteran. No CrossFit experience is required. These classes are coached by our certified trainers and are a great way to get a taste of what we have to offer at CrossFit Recreate.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30pm

What makes ReBoot at CF Recreate different?:

  1. Expert coaching. Many bootcamps are started by passionate, fitness enthusiasts who just want to spread their passion and help others- which is nice! BUT many lack the knowledge about important things like energy systems, volume control, progressions, and most importantly – proper mechanics. The unfortunate consequence is that your results aren’t where they could be, it can get repetitive, AND you are at higher risk of injury. Our trainers are experts on all of those nerdy fitness things. We study this stuff for fun…yup, we are obsessed. We constantly seek out certifications and specialty courses to bring you top notch coaching and training. In other words, you are in good hands!
  2. We build a custom program for you…for FREE. Every person that walks through our doors is able to meet with us to set goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Sometimes that plan consists of just ReBoot. Other times we may recommend supplementing your ReBoot classes with a few other things to most effectively achieve your goals. Regardless, we love these 15 minute goal setting sessions because we get to know you!
  3. Unique facility and equipment! We have a beautiful 5,000 sqft facility (have you seen our wall of mountains?!) with an arsenal of cool equipment, so you get to do a larger variety of things. In other words- you’ll never get bored and your body won’t adapt to routine! Other features of our space include a mobility area where you can take advantage of our ROMWOD (think yoga for athletes) space, and we even have a lobby where your kids can keep themselves entertained (and be inspired!) while you get your sweat on!



3 ReBoot classes/week

Other Options

10 Class Punch Card

$150 (Good for 90 days)

Drop In- 1 Class


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