February 2019


February 2019

February 2019

The gym has been buzzin’ lately! With all of the great changes to our layout and additional equipment, we aim to give you all the best experience we can! We always want your time at CFR to be the best hour of your day! 9 of you made the committed club this month (17 or more check ins) with many of you far exceeding the qualifications!

How are your 2019 Q1 goals coming along? We’re already into month 3, have you been putting in the work to accomplish what you set out to do in January? How about the OPEN- have you exceeded your expectations? Just signing up and getting out of your comfort zone is a huge step!

We’re here to support you in your health & fitness journey, the more we see you the more we can help! Help us help you and get here often!!

(PS- So many more of you had GREAT attendance this month! We applaud you as well!)

February 2019 Committed Club:

Eliza 32
Elizabeth H. 24
Nikki 23
Ted 22
Elizabeth M. 20
Marcie 19
Phillip 19
Sherry 18
Kara 18