ELEVATE your health and wellness!

Elevate your health and wellness with this functional movement class designed for those new to functional exercise or who are looking to stay active late into the seasons of life. If you would like to increase your strength, energy, mobility, balance, and stamina, Elevate is for you. All of our workouts focus on improving functional movements that are common and necessary in our daily activities; like getting up and down off the sofa or moving our groceries from our car to the kitchen. We want to help our clients maintain their quality of life, increasing bone density and muscle mass, while reducing your risk of injuries. It’s never too late to take control of your fitness and live your best life.

Elevate is coached by experienced and certified trainers who will take each individual’s capabilities into consideration. Scaling options will be provided so that each and every person can get the most from each session. We will utilize a variety of equipment to achieve better all around fitness- plyo boxes, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, bikes, and sleds- just to name a few. We hope you’ll join us to discover how we can ELEVATE your health and wellness.


Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday at 8:00am



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