CrossFit Recreate Challenge


CrossFit Recreate Challenge

In November, CrossFit Recreate members will be given the opportunity to participate in our annual Nutrition Challenge. Though November may seem an odd time to start cleaning up one’s eating and health habits (why not just wait till January?), we see it as an opportunity to go into the holiday season equipped with a solid foundation to maintain health and fitness, and enter the New Year with habits that will be a springboard for further progress. This year we have simplified the Challenge, changing the guidelines to include more than just food and drink, and incorporating elements that will form a more complete and holistic approach. With the focus not solely on nutrition this year, we will can it the “CrossFit Recreate Healthy Habits Challenge.”
Daily habits we hope to establish include:

Why These Five Elements? 

  • Water
    • It’s critical for health and function – EVERY CELL in your body needs water!
    • Being hydrated increases the activity of enzymes that are responsible for energy production → increased energy!
    • Removes waste/toxins from body
    • Lubricates joints
  • Protein
    • It’s the building block of muscle! Our body requires protein for muscle repair, recovery and growth.
    • Essential for health (think: the heart is a muscle, your GI tract is lined with muscle to keep things moving – even your arteries have teeny tiny muscles in them too!)
    • Helps keep you full!
  • Veggies
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals needed for proper cellular function and metabolism.
    • Excellent (best, really) source of fiber.
    • Abundant source of phytochemicals with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other healthful properties.
    • Protective against chronic disease – the more you eat, the more protection!
  • Sleep
    • Most important time for your body to rest and recover.
    • Enhances mental health.
    • Aids in hormonal balance.
  • Movement
    • Even short sessions of activity can support recovery and health, making the days at the gym that much more productive.
    • Increases range of motion, decreases stiffness.
    • Raises heart rate briefly, subsequently delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the body.
    • Get in some active recovery on your days away from the gym! Includes: walking, yoga, stretching, mobility, running and PLAYING! Try a new sport!

Join our exclusive FaceBook goup: “CrossFit Recreate Healthy Habits Challenge 2019”

CFR Members: Join the FaceBook group for encouragement, camaraderie, recipes, tips, and more during the month of November! Just another ‘perk’ of being a CFR member!

You will find a Daily Habits Card and a score sheet to track your compliance each day for the month available at CFR the week of 10/28. The Challenge will run November 1st – 30th. Again this year we will offer to put some skin in the game to win some money. Pay $10 to the ‘pot’ for your chance to win it all. (Paying isn’t required, just a fun added incentive to win, if you so choose.) Who couldn’t use some extra cash right before the holidays? Along with the perks of feeling fantastic from following these habits!

We look forward to working with all of our members in forming new, healthful and sustainable habits – from November, and beyond! We want to equip you with tools to build the infrastructure that will help you reach your goals! We also offer 1:1 personalized Nutrition Coaching! Check out our website for more information!