Athletic Development


Our mission is to provide the highest quality athletic instruction to allow athletes to develop to their fullest potential. Our goal is to help athletes increase their strength, speed, power, agility, and conditioning, in order to improve performance in their sport. We use scientific methods to design and evaluate training to ensure that our training programs are effective. We also aim at developing discipline and hard work that will help your athlete be successful in all areas of life.

Your team will get a unique experience by training together, under the direction of our certified coaches. This allows for team bonding, which encourages healthy competition and better results.

We know your off-seasons are short and your seasons are long. We also know strong athletes stay the healthiest and make the biggest impact on every team. Our proven methods help your athletes gain useful strength that will enable more speed + agility while reducing the risk of overuse and acute injuries.

Affordable Pricing

Our team pricing is per athlete, based on 6 week training cycles. Training as a group saves ~70% off our individual rates, and increases to even greater savings when more athletes sign up!


4-6 Athletes


7-10 Athletes


11-15 Athletes


4-6 Athletes


7-10 Athletes


11-15 Athletes


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